VoterConnect History

The power of relationships is the power of change. That power is a big part of what makes VoterConnect unique. We began developing VoterConnect in 2008 with the idea of taking an organization's relationship with its Members one step further. We wanted to empower Members to reach out to their family and friends, people who trust them. This leveraging of relationships, or Trust Networking, is the key to force multiplication and is capable of more quickly doubling even tripling an organization's size and support for an issue or candidate.

The biggest challenge we faced was how to accurately identity Supporters' jurisdiction and district information and match them to corresponding federal and state legislators. At the time, the industry-best accuracy rate was about 85%. To improve on this, we developed the proprietary VoterConnect "Jurisdiction Auto-Populate" feature. This tool combines US Postal Service and US Census data plus allows Supporters to validate their physical address and correct their location on the map. This assures a 100% accurate jurisdiction match. VoterConnect is the only product on the market that has this 100% accuracy rate. In addition, we developed various tools that Administrators can use to customize each issue and candidate campaign, tools that encourage maximum participation from Supporters.

Based on the experience of our campaigning and advocacy experts, we knew that the surest way to run a successful issue campaign is to start lobbying while the bill is first being discussed in committee. For this, we developed a Power Lobbying tool that allows Administrators to identify the committee members involved with the bill and to contact Supporters in the same district and ask them to contact the committee members.

In addition, VoterConnect's reporting system is a real milestone in the field of online grassroots management. Our teams studied the best reporting systems used by industry leaders like Google, QuickBooks, and Salesforce. Using our insights, we then developed our own reporting system, which provides standard reports and favorite reports that analyze all the website activity across each module. The system can also run performance reports by state to give the Administrators an overall view of how the state is performing. More important, Administrators can use the system to create a variety of custom reports using filters and custom fields.

VoterConnect is a product of Online Image, a web development and business management firm based in San Jose, California. Our team consists of expert programmers, award winning designers, published authors, business management and marketing specialists, legal advisors, and grassroots and campaign managers with over 30 years of experience. Even so, we are always eager to learn from our customers. We encourage you to contact us and share your suggestions and ideas.