Feature Tour - Create an Issue Campaign

Administrator can run issue campaigns from his/her control panels. He/she can design campaign tools for use by Members and Associates, prepare communiques for Members to send to their Associates, and generate reports to track and evaluate the campaign's performance.

This tour shows how an Administrator creates an Issue Campaign.

The Administrator first selects the officer holders who will receive communiques from the Members and/or Associates. It can, for example, be sent to every senator, the members of a particular committee, or an individual.

Feature Highlight:

Being able to access legislators by committee allows the organization to influence the decision makers in the earliest stages of a bill's consideration.

Second, the Administrator prepares sample communiques for supporters to send and composes action alert emails for the issue.

VoterConnect allows the Administrator to lock the communique's content or leave it open for supporters to edit. Documents can be sent as attachments to email alerts. The Administrator determines whether the action alert appears on the organization's public website.
Finally, the Administrator creates issue campaign tools for use by Members and Associates.

VoterConnect Exclusive:

Administrator can create personalized issue-specific campaign tools, such as petition forms, flyers, posters, and phone scripts with built-in Image/Maker and TextEditor.
When Supporters receive an email notification from an Administrator, they can log on to their control panels and send communiques to elected officials by email, fax, or letter.

VoterConnect Exclusive:

Members can forward issue alerts to their network Associates and request their support on the issue.

Feature Highlights:

Merge feature allows Supporter and recipient contact information to be merged into correspondence and batch printed for simultaneous transmission to multiple politicians.

VoterConnect can generate reports showing the number of communiques sent and subtotaling them by sender and sending method (email, fax, or letter).

VoterConnect Exclusive:

In addition to standard reports, Administrator can generate customized reports by applying filters and custom fields.