Feature Tour - Administrator Control Panel

VoterConnect has two levels of Administrators: National and State. The National Administrator sets organization policy, manages content for the website, and handles nationwide advocacy issues, and candidate campaigns. The State Administrator normally handles these tasks within a single state.

Both National and State Administrators can perform the following tasks from their Administrator Control Panel:

- Manage members
- Manage advocacy campaigns
- Manage candidate campaigns
- Run management reports
- Manage eNewsletter

The National Administrator can also set website look and feel, manage the website content and registration from the National Administrator Control Panel.

Feature Highlight:

VoterConnect is also designed to run advocacy campaigns down to the school district level. Just let us know your needs and we will make it happen!

VoterConnect sets different database access rights per Administrator level and special needs.

VoterConnect Exclusive:

With VoterConnect, Members can set up Networks of Associates. Associates can "Opt-In" to receive communications directly from the organization, or "Opt-Out" and elect not to receive communication. Only the Member can access the information Profiles of the Associates in his Network. This privacy feature makes VoterConnect perfect for organizations that are required to comply with HIPAA.