Feature Tour - Build a Trust Network

VoterConnect helps you grow your organization's power and influence faster and more efficiently than ever! The Member-Associate connect function is the key! It produces group advocacy support based on Member-Associate relationships.

With VoterConnect, each Member constructs a personal Trust Network by signing up people to become Associates of the organization. This facilitates faster and more efficient organizational growth.

VoterConnect Exclusive:

Associates can choose to Opt-In or Opt-Out of direct communications from the organization. Opt-Out associates' profile information is only available to the Member who signs them up. National and State Administrators do not have the access to Associates' information.

This security feature is great for organizations that are required to comply with HIPAA or other privacy requirements.
Members can use the eNewsletter module to stay in touch with their Associates and recruit more supporters for the organization.

Members can forward issue alerts and candidate announcements to the Associates in their Trust Networks.

VoterConnect Exclusive:

People respond better to people they know. VoterConnect's "Member-Associate" Trust Network communication system assures higher response rates for advocacy actions and candidate campaign activities.